About the Project: A note from our Founder

After years of working with clients with eating disorders, I am keenly aware of the challenges at each stage of the process of the recovery journey. One piece of feedback that I continually hear from people is how challenging it is to integrate back into the community. The eating disorder, although a protective function, comes at a high cost: loss of connection to the body, loss of identity of ones authentic self, struggle for connection to ones feelings and connection to others, as well as the obvious medical issues that make eating disorders the psychiatric condition with the highest mortality rate.

The journey to recovery is a long one, and persons in recovery deserve support in every stage of the process. Thus born: Recovery Through Performance.

How it Works

Recovery Through Performance utilizes therapeutic theater, which is a modality within drama therapy in which clients construct and develop their own theatrical performance around a therapeutic issue. The idea is that the process of putting on a play also parallels the journey of recovery, and within the process, persons working on recovery could gain insight and practice that they could apply to their life at large.

In regards to this work, we chose to focus on the journey to recovery. And, different from intensive treatment work that focuses on ones own personal story, we instead worked to get distance at this stage in the process and use metaphor to explore our theme.

For many, this is their first time working to create material to generate a play and perform.