The Normal Girl On Stage

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“What’s the point of entering a room if you’re not going to light it up?” I improvised this question during one of our first rehearsals for UnMasqued. I was trying to be funny. And I also wasn’t. My goal in every situation has been to light up the room, to be memorable. Otherwise, I’d risk being forgotten, not cared about. … Read More

My Exodus Came Early

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I am currently sitting in an airport less than 24 hours after our closing show and I am off to an environment that is less than ideal and with people that oppress my humanness, but even with that on the forefront of my mind, I am still sitting here on a complete high. But the high that I am feeling … Read More

Happiness, Acceptance & Pride

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A role I tend to play in life is “know it all.” Yes, I understand and fully know that there is always room to grow in this world, but what I mean when I say “know it all” is that when I understand something, I feel like I tend to close myself off from learning anything else about whatever the … Read More

My Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Sometimes you are ready for level two and sometimes level two just happens to you. I believe that life is about a level system, but different then the level system that happens when someone is in treatment. When you are in treatment, the levels are about finishing one and graduating to the next and making sure you are fully ready … Read More


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UnMasqued, set within the Sorority of Epsilon Delta Tau, follows the journey of six women. Though all women are members of the organization of Epsilon Delta Tau, these unique sisters explore, individually and collectively, the boundaries of the sorority- of themselves- of life- and of coming into authentic humanness. This journey through word, dance, and song, that the sorority sisters … Read More