Dr. Wood’s research focuses on using therapeutic theater with persons who are in early recovery from eating disorders or addictions. Her company, Recovery Through Performance, utilizes the Co-Active Therapeutic Theater (CoAtt) Model, created by Wood and her colleague, Dave Mowers. Co-Active Therapeutic Theater is a six-phase model that allows the drama therapist/and or theater based mental health counselor to co-actively partner with participants in recovery in the development and execution of a theatrical production with the goal of helping clients move out of the role of “sick one” (Landy, 1994) and into strength-based role of directors and actors of their stories and lives. This works well with the need for those in recovery as during the first 6-12 months is the highest time for relapse. At the heart of the work is that the process of putting on a play parallels the journey of recovery, and within the process, persons working on recovery can gain insight and practice that they could apply to their life at large.