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UnMasqued, set within the Sorority of Epsilon Delta Tau, follows the journey of six women. Though all women are members of the organization of Epsilon Delta Tau, these unique sisters explore, individually and collectively, the boundaries of the sorority- of themselves- of life- and of coming into authentic humanness. This journey through word, dance, and song, that the sorority sisters of Epsilon Delta Tau find themselves within, displays multiplicity, polarization, depth, and relation. With many genuine moments of struggle, laughter, pain, and realness, we invite you to come witness UnMasqued, an original play co created by Laura Wood, Dave Mowers, and the 2017 cast members of Recovery Through Performance.

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  1. This sounds WONDERFUL!! I can’t imagine what intelligent, brave, and talented individuals this cast and crew must consist of! I am so intrigued and will absolutely be there. WOW.. JUST WOW.

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